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Barrel Roll No. 5 - Chandelle

Just as a pilot perfectly balances the climb and turn of his aircraft when performing the Chandelle, this oak-aged sour ale represents the perfect balance of fruit and funk. To create Chandelle, we filled oak barrels with Polycot (our Local Fields Series wheat beer brewed with locally grown apricots) and then added fresh apricots, brettanomyces yeasts and souring bacteria. Additional apricots were added to the barrels during the twelve month aging process. The result is a bright golden liquid with a fulsome apricot aroma. This beer delivers a zesty tang to the palate, balancing the fresh flavors of the fruit with a pleasantly sour taste created by the wild yeast and bacteria. Chandelle will age nicely for up to a year.

Additional Information:

Chandelle: Consists of a maximum climb, maximum bank combination to obtain the greatest altitude gain for a given airspeed and at the same time making a 180° course reversal.

First Release: August 12, 2012
First Release Bottles: 1174

Second Release: TBA
Second Release Bottles: TBA

Alcohol Content: 7.7%
IBU: 16
Glass Type: Snifter
Serving: 48º fahrenheit | Cellaring: 54º fahrenheit
Food Pairing: TBD
Beer Rating: (Not posted yet)


Available In:

750ML Bottle

Tasting Room Price:



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