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Hangar 24 Gourdgeous

It's time to usher in autumn with this robust porter. Using pumpkins grown just a half mile from the brewery, Gourdgeous also features traditional pumpkin pie spices and molasses. Rich with notes of dark chocolate, pumpkin pie, and sweet caramel, it's the perfect pour for when the days get shorter.

Additional Information:

The pumpkins used in this brew were grown at Larry Jacinto Farms right down the street from the brewery. We were very excited when Larry told us that he had a great crop of pumpkins growing literally ½ mile from the brewery. We had a fantastic team of volunteers who came to the brewery to help us seed and cut over 1,000 pounds of pumpkins and then we teamed up with Q-Works BBQ Catering who brought in big ovens so we could roast the pumpkins right here on site. This Local Fields beer was a true community effort!

Available: October


GOLD - 2014 Californa State Fair Beer Competition
BRONZE - 2014 San Diego International Beer Competition

Alcohol Content: 8.5%
IBU: 27
Glass Type: Tumbler
Serving Temperature: 48º fahrenheit
Food Pairing: The perfect beer to wash down your fall feasts!
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